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Model: KG - 15 - C
Product quality: 400 g

Operation instructions
1.The power-on indicator light,about 30-60 seconds hot head steaming can work,will be hot and stuck his head through the handheld clamp between the two PP plastic with.
2.The hand grip pliers,jaws clamped the two PP Plastic tape in hot head the surface melting contract 1 seconds.(Beginning prior to use,per-simulation fused several times to identify the thickness with the best fusion time)
3.Quickly forced jabi clincher to the hot head quickly retreat,two PP Plastic with fusion surface instant engagement. The jaw pressure firmly connector is approximately 2 seconds.
4.Loosen the clamp,hot head extend automatically reset.Heavy bag for two plus insurance.The clamp can be long continuous non-stop work.

1.The transformer must be firmly connected with power source before being switched on,so as to avoid the fall of the transformer that will lead to the failuer of transformer.
2.Pull out the plug of the transformer after use,clear up surfaces of the ironing head while the heat remains so that if can get heat as soon asswitched on,highly efficient and energy-economized.Never clear up while it cools off.