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“King Brand” buckle-free packaging clamp is the world’s first banding packing for PP plastic strip, which completely changes the history of manual packing by metal buckle, fundamentally improves the packing quality, enhances the product competitiveness in market, meanwhile avoids the products’ scratches and users’ scratches caused by the metal buckle. Besides, the used PP plastic strip can be recycled, reused, is eco-friendly resource-saving baling tool. This clamp weighs 400 grams, light and easy to use, one second fusion, two seconds firm pressure. Its joints are smooth, solid, and well-finished. The internal heated automatic constant temperature head, once is electrified, it gets heated instantly. By using the 220V/12V safety voltage of transformer, it costs only 15W of power consumption. You can also use the 12V battery power supply from cars or motorcycles. The clamp is widely used and suitable for different sizes of packaging in various industries of both urban and rural areas.